The mission of the North Miami Beach Athletic Department is to serve as a direct complement to the academic goals and values of the school. In addition to being a complement to academics. There will be a heightened push to promote a sense of pride and vested interest through the participation of an athletic extracurricular activities. This message will be conveyed through Coaches that will work to enhance each athlete’s skills and techniques. The emphasis will be to make each student-athlete a better individual player, as well as a stronger team player. Moreover, coaches will carefully articulate the dynamics of good sportsmanship while competing as well as the importance of winning with humility or handling defeat with dignity. North Miami Beach is centrally located in an extremely diverse neighborhood, in which case all of our athletic teams will consistently showcase this diversity. Therefore, this administration is dedicated to teaching the student-athletes the importance of becoming great citizens in the community, while continuing to promote healthy competition and winning on the field of play.

Athletic Director: Ms. Renee McCleod
Athletic Business Manager: Mr. Gomez




Varisty Football

  Mr. Bertani

JV Football

  Mr. Morgan- Rose

Girls/Boys Cross Country

  Mr. McCants

Girls Volleyball

  Ms. Hawkins

Boys Swimming

  Mr. Roe

Girls Swimming

  Mr. Gedeon

Girls Basketball

  Ms. Cherizol

Boys Basketball

  Mr. Masselle

Boys Soccer

  Mr. Gedeon

Girls/Boys Tennis

  Ms. Salomon-Pierre

Boys Baseball

  Mr. Rodriquez

Girls Softball

  Mr. Roe

Girls Flag Football

  Mr. Morgan- Rose

Girls/Boys Track and Field

  Mr. Sandilands